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Hanne Scheel Mikkelsen

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· www.hannescheel.dk

Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen

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Nansensgade 73
1366 Copenhagen

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We are driven by curiosity, creativity and a desire to produce functional design with a fun and inspiring edge

Who Are We?

We are an architect/graphic designer couple who teams up both in private and at work. Since 2008 we have worked together across different media and disciplines.
We work for communication- and advertising agencies, but also in directly with marketing departments. Besides freelancing we also design, market and sell our own art print series to design stores and shops all over the world. Check out our art print collection at www.faunascapes.dk

Our Services

Our solutions are simple and 'straight-forward' with that little cherry on top that makes them interesting and 'not cliché'.
We work with concepts, execution and production planning within several visual disciplines like spatial design, product design, small scale architecture, interior design, interior decoration, spatial identities, web design, advertising campaigns, illustrations, information graphics and graphic patterns. See examples and descriptions of our work here:

Customized Solutions

Our design solutions are always custom made. Regardless of the purpose and type of media, we always start by defining a core problem by asking the right questions. This provides us with a solid base of knowledge which helps us through our colorful idea generation process - which always results in a tight and on-the-spot koncept. The final concept is always presented with a budget and a detailed plan for execution.

Dedicated Partner

Our process is disciplined and dedicated and we always meet our deadlines and budgets. We work as subcontractors to communication- and advertising agencies, but also in direct cooperation with a companys marketing department.
We are always 100% dedicated to the execution of details and we always make sure that all ends meet to form a coherent whole. The concepts are always executed by us or in close cooperation with handpicked consultants/creatives to reach the best results. During the execution we look at danish and international design trends without loosing track of the overall concept and we always deliver a little more than we're asked – because we love our job.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information about our process - we would be happy to work for you!