Lunch area and show kitchen in central Copenhagen

Lunch area and show kitchen in central Copenhagen

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This beautiful show kitchen is our latest interior project made for Noridane Foods administrative offices in central Copenhagen. The office is situated in an old charming building close to the royal palace and is on the protected structure list for the city of Copenhagen.
We surrended unconditionally to the bulky wooden beams and rough wooden floors - and therefore the design is ofcourse very rustic and rough.

The kitchen and dining tables are built og big oak planks whicg complements the rough and very thick concrete kitchen table - that almost gets a terrazzo look and feel.
Above the dining tables we place some big rough oak pieces to hold the long rows of uncovered incandescent lightbulps hanging side by side for light and decoration above the dining tables.
The meeting room in one corner of the dining area is cut of from the rest of the room by two floor to ceiling window panels with frames in raw and unpolished cast iron. The tiles on the backwall resemples the walls in a butchers shop and the big golden bull head and logo gives the kitchen a more sophisticated 'turn-of-the-century-cafe'-touch!
The main design features are brass, cast iron and rustic oak wood.

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Interior decoration of show kitchen at a meat wholesaler in Copenhagen. In the foreground you can see a kitchen with a tabletop of concrete. Bulps are hanging from the ceiling and the kitche are built in raw oak wood. The wall in the background is covered in white metro tiles. On the wall there is a company logo in gold and a big golden bulls head. Interior decoration in raw oak wood kitchen at a meat wholesaler in inner Copenhagen. Detail of the kitchen with plates and glasses on open shelves beneath the rough concrete tableplate. On the wall there is some shelves built of old wooden boxes. In the middle of the kitchen there is a construction pillar in rough wood. Detail from interior decoration of a raw oak wood kitchen. There is a corner of a kitchen table with raw concrete. A big tree pillar stands in the middle of the kitchen table and next to the pillar on the tabel stands a wooden box with vegetables in. Overview of a raw oak wood kitchenwith lighting and detail of the carpentry of the kitchen drawers. Detail from the interiors of a raw show kitchen with a concrete table top, sink and wooden shelves. Interior decoration with shelving made of old wooden boxes. On the top of the shelves there is a frame with an old nature drawing of a peach. Overview of the interiors in a show kitchen constructed of raw oak wood, rough concrete table tops and with big wooden beams and pillars in dark rough wood. Overview of the interiors of a canteen med massive raw oak wood tables and balck wooden chairs. In the ceiling there is hagning some decorative oak beams with light bulps in black wires. Interior decoration of a meeting room in connection with a raw show-kitchen. The walls of the meeting room are transparent made of big cast iron framed windows. In the foreground you can see a corner of the kitchen table made of concrete.