ZooperPets Softies pillows for the kids

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ZooperPets Softies pillows for the kids

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We are very proud to finally present our own ZooperPets Softies pillows. The ZooperPets are amazing for the children's room but are also adequately elegant for a more subtle grown-up interior setting.
We designed the ZooperPets with two objectives: It needs to have a strong appeal to children and it has to be able to fit into a home with subtle nordic interiors - with danish designed furniture classics, wood and more subtle colors.
The pillows are sewn together of to thick pieces og wool felt in two different colors - a subtle color on one side and a more vibrant color on the other side. The thick wool felt keeps the distinct shapes in place and the eye-cathing decorative stitches further emphasizes the graphic shapes.
The felt is made from pure wool with non-toxic dyes and the filling is also pure wool to avoid the use of toxic flame retardants.