Corporate Movies for Danish IT-Company Platon

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A series of 4 explainer videos produced for the Danish IT-Company Platon. The movies explains and supports Platon's overall sales pitch about the necessity of information management.
The first movie is about information management in general and the trhee following movies represents three sub branches of information management: Business Intelligence, Master Data Management and Big Data.
The movies where made in a fun tone of voice to attract some attention and loosen up the mood at conferences and sales meetings.
The planning stage was of course made in close cooperation with Platon's marketing department to ensure perfect alignment with Platon's overall design and philosophies.

Watch all the movies at Platons Vimeo account:
Frank and the Turkey Toothpaste (2 min.)
Frank and the Hungry Lion (1 min.)
Frank and the Tiny Pothole (1 min.)
Frank and the Green T-shirt (1 min.)

Watch more explainer video's

We also produced a series of posters with scenes from the movies for Platon's offices - see the posters below...