Posters and Presentation Folders For Art Exhibitions

Posters and Presentation Folders For Art Exhibitions

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This is two printed presentations and the corresponding posters we designed for two different art exhibitions. A group-show by a danish collective called 'The Nature Painters' and a solo-show by the german artist Susanne Eybl.
The presentations where made for The Danish Association of Arts Societies. The exhibitions are curated by the association and then it travels around the country from exhbition space to exhibition for about two years.
For the tactile watercolour pictures in the 'Paradise in Solar Plexus' presentation we used the beautiful sans-serif font Scala Sans for the body text, and the grungy font '' for the title logo on the front sleeve.
For the 'Naturepictures' presentation we went with a more classic look and used the font Adobe Garamond. The body text is set in regular and the headlines are set in italic which makes the design a bit more sophisticated.
Both posters has extra space at the bottom for writing details about the individual shows at the different exhibition spaces that the art exhibitions visits around the country.

LEFT: Drawing by Susanne Eybl, 'Summer', 2008. RIGHT: Painting by Jens Gregersen.

Drawing by Susanne Eybl, 'Summer', 2008.

Drawing by Susanne Eybl, 'The Parade', 2009.

Painting by Jens Gregersen

Paintings by Preben Andersen, Westhy Esbensen and Trine Theut