Cute blood donor poster

Cute blood donor poster

—  graphic design · illustration

A cute design for a poster competition in 2003 arranged by the danish blood donor organisation to get more people to donate their blood. We wanted to get a cute angle to the issue instead of that scary one: 'if you don't donate yor blood someone is going to die'!!
So Hanne made up this childish rhyme which in english would go something like this:

a dot (a prick with the needle)
a rest
a refreshment
a smile only 15 seconds you've helped little Pete!

In danish the last two lines makes a little cute rhyme.
The poster never made it to the first 3 places in the competition, but the local Copenhagen branch of the blood donor organisation used for posters and other information material.

Blood donor poster with a little boy and a sweet rhyme for the blood donor association in Copenhagen