Chestnut Origami Lamp from Studio Snowpuppe

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Chestnut Origami Lamp from Studio Snowpuppe

1. May '12 · by Tobias  —  products · lamp · origami · lighting · netherlands

A sophisticated little origami lamp. It's very elegant on the outside as well as the inside - and the more lamps hanging together - the better!
We manage the lamps in Scandinavia for the dutch designstudio Studio Snowpuppe. The lamps are handmade in Scheveningen, The Netherlands by the designers Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Venenbos.
The lampshades are made of special FSC certified paper of the type Butterfly, which lasts for years and years. The lamps include an E27 porcelaine socket and a 2 meter fabric cable. They are available in several colours - see the photos below.
The Chestnut lamp is on display in our showroom on Nansensgade or read our post about B&O's new showroom at Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen.

Kenneth Venenbos and Nellianna van den Baard from Studio Snowpuppe